Are you constantly searching for organization hacks to declutter your closet? I got you covered!

I have moved 15 times and each move had a different size closet. With each move I collected easy organization hacks to get the best use out of my closet space.

summer closet of clothes, shoes and purses showing easy organization hacks
Organized Closet

Organization Hacks for Your Closet

The first thing an organization specialist will tell you is to purge/get rid of items you no longer need or wear. Have you ever watched The Home Edit on Netflix? I know you have heard it before, so get rid of those worn out items.

I suggest purging by category. Start with your accessories, then move to shoes, dresses, shirts, pants, etc. Break things down into categories and then it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

It’s an ADD trick I learned years ago. Breaking things down into smaller categories and doing them one at a time makes you feel like you get more done when you can say, “I started with 10 tasks and I got thru 4 today, etc.”

Below are the list of the organization hacks I used in my closet this year. I hope you try them!

Also enjoy my post on Making Your Bed Everyday where I explain how this small task can really change your day.

1. Break items down into two seasons and pack one season away

I have never had a big enough closet to house all my clothes for all seasons and I am actually ok with that. Seeing too many options is very overwhelming for me.

Break the items down into two seasons Spring-Summer & Fall-Winter, and stash away one season in containers.

You can use plastic durable storage bins which I love to use because you can stack them, but you need to make sure you have the space to store them. Or these storage bag containers which aren’t as easy to stack, but I use these as well for my bigger bulkier items.

2. Invest in matching hangers

Yep, you need to get rid of those dry cleaning wire hangers and/or the dollar store plastic hangers.

I know I had them too, who wants to spend money for hangers? You do!

Look for the velvet no slip hangers and get them all in the same color. They are so popular now that you can get them in so many different colors from here. Or you can look at places like Big Lots, Home Goods or Sam’s Club. Just get them!


3. Best investment organization hack – add a dresser for more storage

I priced out adding in additional shelving with drawers and found that it was cheaper and nicer to purchase a dresser from IKEA.

I measured out the space, looked on IKEA’s website and picked out a dresser that would fit and I love it! And when we move again I can take the dresser with me, talk about being efficient.

4. Invest in drawer organizers

IKEA also had drawer organizers that fit into any of their dressers. I purchased two packs and they organize everything from my socks to my leggings.

Measure out the size of your drawers and the size of the organizers to see how many you need. These drawer organizers are similar to the ones from IKEA if you don’t have an IKEA near you.

drawer organization hack with inserts containing bras, socks and underwear


5. MY TOP organization hack – roll/fold your clothes Mari Kondo style

Have you watched any Mari Kondo videos on how to fold and roll your clothes? WHAT A GAME CHANGER! Here is one to start with The KoniMari fold basics.

I know what your thinking, won’t your clothes get all wrinkled. I thought the same thing. Actually your clothes are less wrinkled, all fit into the drawers organized and its way easier to see and grab the shirt and pants you want without messing up all the other clothes.

Another thing she teaches is how to appreciate your clothes and how organizing and decluttering your space is a powerful tool for your mental health. Check out her amazing website KonMari.

drawer organization hack with inserts containing sports bras and tops

6. Add hooks behind a door or in a small corner

I have become a big fan of the 3m command damage free Velcro hangers. I have even used them to hang up picture frames!

For my closet I wanted a hooks that would hold my robes as they can be heavy and thick, especially my bath robe. I purchased these large hooks and with the damage free backings they have held up for 2 years now.

7. Display your shoes facing front-back

organized shelves with shoes lined up in a closet

8. Use baskets for accessory items

basket of scarves and hats


9. Stuff smaller purses into larger purses

purses organized in closer

10. Use a jewelry rack for headbands

jewelry holder displaying headbands

11. Use boot inserts to keep boots formed and upright

I purchased these boot inserts from Amazon as you can make them small, medium or large.

organized shelves displaying containers, boots and shoe in a closet

12. Purchase small containers for special occasion shoes

You can find clear shoe containers for less then $5 at most home stores. I found the ones pictured above at At Home store for $3.99.

Put your special occasion shoes into these so that they don’t get dusty and stay clean. Get the clear ones so that it’s easy find the shoes you need to wear when the time comes.

13. Easy organization hack – add a small basket for essentials

When I saw this idea I was like GENIUS! How many times are you needing to cut off tags from your clothes or loose strings and you don’t have scissors? Yep then you use your teeth.

Or you need a lint roller to get off that dog or cat hair. What about those small items you know will get lost if you put them in a drawer? And sometimes you just need to freshen up your closet from the used shoes and your basket of dirty clothes.

small basket with scissors, lint roller and air freshener on a dresser in a closet
13 easy organization hacks to declutter a bedroom closet pinterest image

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