You set out your packing list for your beach trip the night before. You get up early, pack, and head to the beach for a relaxing day.

You arrive and parking is terrible and you have to walk a half mile or further to the beach! How are you going to carry everything that far with only two people?

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Beach trip packing list for couples

Packing for the beach can sometimes feel like you are packing for an entire week away from home even when you are going just for the day.

If you have to park far from the beach you have to get very creative with how you are going to carry everything in one trip, with two people, and doesn’t hurt your arms or back.

After living in Florida for almost 4 years I have found ways and items that have made our trip to the beach relaxing and stress free and I am so excited to share them with you!

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Below is my beach trip packing list:

  • beach chair (I think is the most important)
  • umbrella
  • beach towel
  • sunscreen (separate ones for body, face & lips)
  • speaker or headphones
  • bottles of water
  • mini ice packs
  • food/snacks
  • hand wipes & hand sanitizer
  • book to read
  • comfortable sandals
  • visor or hat
  • sunglasses
  • change of clothes

Let’s get packing for a beach day

Efficient reliable beach chair – top on your packing list

I suggest a good quality chair that you can carry on your back with comfortable shoulder straps, and lots of storage to hold many items.

I did tons of research and invested in these beach chairs. They are stylish, durable, have thick comfortable shoulder straps and two large pockets in the back with one being a cooler!

Tuck your towel in between the seat and the back of the chair folded and secured with the snap strap. Load up the cooler section with a mini ice pack, bottles of water, fruit, veggies, and a sandwich.

Load up the top pocket with keys, wallet, sunscreen, headphones, book to read, hand wipes, hand sanitizer and other snacks. Yes, you can fit all of that in there.

Durable umbrella with carrying case

To keep with the theme of our chair I found a matching umbrella in the same brand. It has a carrying case to easily throw over your shoulder and handles on the rod to twist into the sand (easy for me to use with my small hands).

Sunscreen for your body, face and lips

Living in Florida has taught me that the sun is way more intense here then up north. I have invested in many sunscreens and some were sticky, greasy, smelled bad, or you had to apply so many times you went through an entire bottle in one day.

I now only use and recommend Sun Bum sunscreen products. They have specific sprays for your body, and a fantastic face stick and lip balm in different flavors.

Easy to carry beach bag

If you pack well you won’t need to take a beach bag to the beach as you can fit everything in your chairs, which my husband and I have been able to do the last several times we have gone.

I now just use a beach bag for our change of clothes when we get back to the car.

I suggest a large sturdy one with a water repellent inner lining for your wet swim clothes and towels.

Rope handles are a must for carrying it on your shoulder! Here is a beach bag I would recommend, but there are many similar ones to choose from.

Waterproof resealable food bags

It’s very easy to get sand into anything at the beach, especially your food. I am absolutely in love with these reusable, resealable storage bags.

They keep your food from getting wet, less smashed, and out of the sand (unless you drop it in the sand, but I don’t want to talk about it ).

All ready for a no stress beach day

Comfortable supportive sandals

Living in Florida you find yourself wearing sandals more and more.

After having to walk several miles from the car to the beach and walking around downtown areas around the beach, like Clearwater, Siesta Keys and New Smyrna you begin to appreciate comfortable supportive sandals.

My husband loves and swears by these Reef flip flops for men. I have two favorite sandals, the Sanuk brand is more simple when I am just going to and from the beach but the Vionic sandal is my absolute favorite! I wear this sandal everywhere.

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